From the design and implementation of information technology systems to the production of events, conferences, research reports and grant applications—our capabilities are broad.

Founder & CEO

Mr. Crossland has over 30 years of information technology, cyber security and program management experience and has been recognized for his outstanding performance in Information Security by the U.S. Army Information Technol- ogy Agency and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). During his tenure at NNSA, he was instrumental in developing a Risk and Threat Management program for the Nuclear Weapons Complex based on his extensive knowledge in FISMA, NIST and OMB polices. Mr. Crossland served as the Principle Cyber Security Engineer overseeing two teams of security engineers to assist the civilian staff at Los Alamos National Lab- oratory to develop and implement critical security controls to resolve nationally known security issues. Directed by Mr. Crossland, this team performed all manners of cyber se- curity from threat assessment, vulnerability scans, security policy and enterprise security architecture document development. His team of cyber security professionals provided services on a national basis for laboratories in Georgia, Texas, Washington, Tennessee, Nevada and California. He and his security engineering team were presented the Depart- ment of Energy/NNSA Cyber Security Technical Innovation Award in 2009.


In 2002, Mr. Crossland moved from Silicon Valley to provide network architecture for the expansion of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency at the Pentagon. It was this experience that influenced his decision to continue his service as a federal contractor for the country. Mr. Crossland is a Vietnam-era Veteran and earned his degree Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from University of Phoenix and his Business Administration degree from West Valley College in Saratoga, California.