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SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Mondial DC supported the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, Arctic Studies Center (ASC). For the ASC, we provided program management, grant management, scientific research assistance, institutional support, logistics and web development services. Mondial DC’s research assistant embarked on several international expeditions with ASC personnel and provided archaeological assistance in Newfoundland. In support of the Smithsonian’s mission to conduct research and communicate its findings to a broad audience, our staff produced multiple research reports, museum exhibitions, and conferences attended by scientists from all over the world.  We also provided writing and editing services, and website development for multiple projects at the ASC.  We produced and published a variety of documents including field and scientific reports, project reports, news bulletins, and conference bulletins.  Due to our outstanding work, our Research Assistant received a peer recognition award from the Director of the National Museum of Natural History.